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5.0 out of 5 starsA truly magical tale teaching how important it is for humans to protect Earth
By breakaway Reviewers on 20 Dec. 2016
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The boys; Gallad (14 years old) Maelog (13 years old) Augustus (10 years old) and Wyatt (The Chosen One; 9 years old) are busy exploring the empty Jenkins Manor when Wyatt sees a beautiful woman in the mirror. At first the boys will not believe Wyatt, but then they too see the image. It’s their mother.

Initially, the boys are terrified by this appearance of their mother, that is until she starts speaking and they realise that she really is there with them inviting them to come through a portal she’s opened via the mirror to join her in her new home; Talia, there is no hesitation on their part to take up her offer and soon, they are tumbling through the various layers that separate Earth from Talia.

Arianna had given her life shortly after giving birth to Wyatt and on passing, she became the Queen of Talia with Elogon; the God and Universal Spirit. She explains that she has been waiting for the boys to reach the stage where they can receive special training on Talia. This training will greatly assist their father; Dalton Tobiah, who is a scientist desperately trying to save Earth by inventing alternative forms of power to generate the necessary energy needed by Earth to run efficiently. The methods that are presently being used; coal, fracking land, and oil being drained out of the earth are dangerous to the Earth’s survival.

I have had the honour and privilege to listen to this truly brilliant fantastic story while walking. Listening to this story unfold while walking through a wood made me stop several times to take in Nature’s beauty that we so often take for granted. Following the boys as they gather knowledge from the Tree of Existence. They each given a guardian from the sea creatures, and there is much more for the three eldest boys to learn while e attending Archwood Academy. One of the most important lessons is ecology.

Wyatt in the meantime needs to learn other powers and his path takes him on a different journey accompanied mainly by Deverell, a dwarf from the Hampton Village. It is while with Deverell, that Wyatt learns how very dangerous Lucempest the leader of all that is evil, can be. Lucempest is desperate to snatch Wyatt because he will then gain power over Talia and the Tree of Life that grows within its borders.

I became so involved in the story that when Wyatt gets into a very dangerous situation while trying to escape Lucempest’s clutches, I found my heart beating faster! This story lends itself through its descriptive language, to ensure that one becomes fully engaged in it.

For days after I’d finished this book, I walked around feeling empty and lost. There are so many deep messages flowing through this beautiful story. The one that had my full attention is how, moving forward, I’m going to be able to help the Earth in its ongoing battle against climate change, fracking, coal mining and oil polluting the Earth.

You might think that it is difficult to “see” this story, but thanks to both the narrator and this hugely talented author, the pictures are vivid. In fact, so vivid that while walking through the forest, I felt that I was personally in the story trying to help the boys! (Causing me to get lost on a very simple straightforward path!)

I very seldom want to discover how and author comes up with a story but I want find a special tree, maybe our own tree of life and sit with C J Quinn to get to know her soul, because she obviously has one that is different to us mere mortals. Children would especially benefit from sitting with her, because they are the future of this very fragile home to Humankind and the animal, birds, sea creatures and lastly our bread baskets; the crops we grow and the forests that are being decimated.

I truly hope that C J Quinn is writing the next book featuring these very brave boys whose work it to help save the Earth.


Breakaway Reviewers received a copy of the audiobook to review.
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