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I am the author of a series, Book 1, TALIA, AND THE CAPTURE OF WRATH.

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Talia, and the Capture of Wrath invites young readers to join the four Tobiah brothers as they step through the portal between our world and the magical land of Talia.

When Wyatt Tobiah, the youngest brother, sees a shadowy figure beckoning him through a mirror in the Jenkin’s Manor, near his family’s summer home, he didn’t realize that the figure is his deceased mother.

Now an angel with beautiful feathered wings, she invites her sons to step through the portal located in the mirror and join her in the land of Talia.

Once the boys are safely on the other side, their mother explains to them that Wyatt is the “Chosen One”-the last hope for saving planet Earth from the destruction wrought on it by careless humans.

Now Wyatt, with the help of his brothers and many other extraordinary friends, must journey through fantastical lands to capture wrath, one of the seven deadly sins. He is then to give it to the Tree of Existence as an offering in return for help from the Tree.

But with evil forces seeking to thwart Wyatt at every turn, will he survive his mission? Or will all of Earth be destroyed?

You know you are destined to be a writer if you spent most of your life loving words. I mostly write my thoughts down to get perspective. I love words and putting them together to make everything sound like a dreamy, flowing stream in the middle of a hot summery day. Words can change how you feel, how you think and most importantly who you are. They are more powerful than your fists. Use them with love and respect. Love your words, and love your message.

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